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Why PFA?


PFA is a team of highly qualified engineers and tax law experts dedicated to providing small and medium sized commercial property owners with the same kind of cost segregation expertise big companies have used to minimize their taxes for decades.

PFA Engineers are real estate experts who are trained in both cost segregation and cost estimating techniques and have worked for Fortune 100 companies before joining our team.

PFA accounting professionals specialize in strategic tax planning and depreciation allocation. We carefully monitor the fluid world of tax laws, interpretations, rules and rulings to ensure every cost segregation study complies with current IRS guidelines and takes maximum advantage of allowable deductions. This will put more money in your pocket.

Cost Segregation and the Local Accounting Community:

PFA is a Chicago Cost Segregation firm with one location in downtown Chicago and a second in Warrenville to serve the suburban region. Most qualified cost segregation firms are located outside of Illinois. Typically, these firms are not interested in performing a cost segregation study on a smaller building due to the high cost of transporting experienced engineers to perform a site visit on the property as required by IRS guidelines. 

Generally, the smallest building out of state cost segregation firms consider feasible has been purchased or built for $1,000,000 after land value is accounted for. These firms know the client savings recognized from a cost segregation study must be well in excess of the fee to complete the study, or the study is not economically feasible.  They have calculated the $1,000,000 floor knowing they have plane tickets, hours of airport time, rental cars and extra administrative costs to pay for.

Most accountants who work with small business owners typically have dozens of clients who have purchased commercial real estate for $500,000 to $1,000,000. Other cost segregation firms won’t take the time to analyze these small buildings. Due to out of state firms dictating policy, cost segregation has been an untapped resource and widely ignored by the local accounting community.  PFA has changed the rules.

What about larger CPA firms?

Typically, CPA firms large enough to employ an in house cost segregation department have the same $1,000,000 floor. Their clients will always come before outsiders. This is a real problem between November and April. In addition, small and mid sized accounting firms will usually hesitate to refer their key clients to a larger CPA firm with greater in house resources for fear of potentially losing their client.

How can PFA help my accounting firm and our small business clients?

PFA Consulting was founded in and operates locally in Chicago. With offices downtown Chicago and Warrenville, Illinois PFA concentrates on providing the local accounting community with quality engineering-based cost segregation studies. We focus on outstanding service for traditional mid sized and larger cost segregation candidates as well as smaller projects purchased or built for as low as $500,000. In addition remember PFA can perform retroactive Cost Segregation studies for client's who own commercial property placed in service after May 12th, 1993.

Small business clients expect value over and above filing tax returns for the accounting fees they pay. Cost segregation will give your clients that value and then some. After further building your relationship by providing your client five to six figure tax savings, you will be a hero and most likely secure a client for life. 

PFA will work hard to make you look good. Recommending PFA to perform a cost segregation study requires minimal effort on your part. Our accountant clients tell us that by providing their clients with five to six figure tax savings, they receive more referral business. In addition, some of our accounting clients use PFA’s cost segregation services as a marketing tool to bring in more business. This is your chance to save real money for your key clients, before someone else does. And we’ll make it easy for you.