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Tax savings are hidden in your building.
Finders keepers.

An engineering-based Cost Segregation Study of a commercial property will carve out the personal property and land improvements that qualify for accelerated depreciation. It will let you increase deductions and reduce your federal tax burden for the next five, seven or even fifteen years! The savings are already there. A cost segregation study performed by PFA will help you find them.

The Cost Segregation specialists at PFA are happy to provide you with an analysis of your potential tax savings and our fee. The proposal is free, and you shouldn’t wait. The current IRS guidelines for a quality Cost Segregation Study are generous and present an opportunity to recoup tax savings lost in previous years without amending previous returns. This is your chance to save real money. And we’ll make it easy for you.

Examples of 5 and 7 year property.
• Process Electrical
• Communication Systems
• Computer Wiring
• Specialty Lighting
• Process Piping
• Pneumatic Systems
• Cabinets and Counters
• Decorative Millwork
• Carpeting
Examples of 15 year property.
• Parking Lot
• Landscaping
• Exterior Truck Bollards
• Pole Mounted Exterior Lighting
• Site Drainage
• Retaining Walls
• Sidewalks
• Curbs and Gutters
Why can't my accountant do this?
Generally, even the best accountants do not have the skills or experience necessary to perform an engineering-based Cost Segregation Study. It takes much more than a detailed knowledge of applicable tax law; it requires a background in construction engineering, cost estimating and allocation. To complete a thorough and reliable Cost Segregation Study and then use it to file the appropriate tax documents will require a well-oiled partnership between your accountant and the experienced Cost Segregation specialists at PFA.
You'll gain a new appreciation of depreciation.
Cost Segregation Studies have been around for several years and the IRS expects you to take advantage of them. The current IRS audit guidelines for a quality Cost Segregation Study and Report are generous and present an opportunity to recoup tax savings lost in previous years without amending previous returns. Using outdated IRS guidelines to depreciate your commercial property will cost you money that could be going back into your business.
We sort out the costs …You add up the savings.
Over the years PFA has saved our clients millions of dollars. In the examples illustrated below, the savings shown are per $1,000,000 of depreciable assets. Typically, tax savings in the first year alone will more than pay for our services.

First year tax savings (1) first three year tax savings (2)
Present value of total savings (3)
Apartment Complex $ 6,800 $ 23,997 $ 28,217
Bank Building $ 12,800 $ 48,917 $ 52,100
Heavy Industrial $ 37,001 $ 123,377 $ 125,263
Light Industrial $ 19,940 $ 66,919 $ 69,192
Medical Office $ 13,856 $ 48,094 $ 54,338
Office Building
$ 7,753 $ 26,592 $ 29,148
Retail Building
$ 8,372 $ 29,946 $ 36,318
Warehouse $ 7,144 $ 24,576 $ 27,146
(1) First year tax savings based on half-year and mid-month convention, per IRS guidelines
(2) Present value of tax savings for the first three years of service
(3) Total net present value of tax savings over the 39 year life of the commercial      property